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Shinelle the Cinemama

My 9 month Maternity Photo by Lori Dorman

OK LADIES, I'm a cinephile and a sucker for a musical score in a film so...cue Irma Thomas's "ANYONE WHO KNOWS WHAT LOVE IS"... (music) COTTON swaying in the breeze back and forth against a blue sky.Pretty right?! Lying inside that cotton is a little black freckled face girl imagining that any plane that flies above her would be Anyone. Anyone. ANYONE. Anyone who was like me.(Music --STOPS.) Growing up in the SOUTH, to be an actress AND have a family is HORSE SHIT.

(BEYONCÉ HOOD VOICE) But GUESS WHAT. That 'Theater THANG' turned into a Career, BIATCH. I'm Shinelle. I'm a cross between a Dorothy Dandridge, Lawanda Page, and Eartha Kitt--A classy face with a foul mouth, and purrfect humor and ass, I mean class. Welcome. This is where I'll share my journey as a working mom, creative, trained actor, self-taught painter, writer, filmmaker, producer, music lover, fashionista, foodie, and traveler. All while taking care of my beautiful baby girl, ZADIE! (music)

Cue in "BE MY BABY" by The Ronettes

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